We’re so excited to be the first clinic in the UK to have NEWA in stock!

NEWA is the world’s most advanced home-use skin tightening tool, a new and exciting way to change your skin from the comfort of your own home & it’s here at Harrogate Aesthetics!

It rebuilds collagen and stimulates the skin using the very same technology as the ENDYMED professional radio frequency treatments;

3DEEP Skin Science. 3DEEP Skin Science is the only multi-source phase-controlled radio frequency technology available, allowing the delivery of focused, controlled energy deep into the skin.

The technology is so advanced that NEWA is the only FDA cleared home-use radio frequency device, and is supported by unrivalled clinical evidence. NEWA stimulates your skins’ biological processes to your boost collagen levels– so you still look like you, just younger, with fewer lines and wrinkles, firmer, tighter skin and a more radiant complexion. To find out more about NEWA simply call us on 01423 567567 us on or email us info@harrogateaesthetics.co.uk