Skin Peels

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Skin Peels

Using our in depth knowledge of skin and the capabilities of our favourite chemical exfolients we will carry out a detailed skin analysis and create the perfect combination most appropriate for you.

Our practitioner will choose from firm favourites such as Mandelic Acid (great starter peel – also manages Rosacea), Salicylic Acid / Pyruvic Acid (reduces oil production, inflammation, kills bacteria and stimulates collagen – great for problematic and ageing skin), Jessner Peel (a clever cocktail of three acids that address signs of ageing and sun damage), TCA Acid Eye and Lip Peel (addresses fine lines and wrinkles).

All of our peels use the latest ‘inner peel’ technology meaning that downtime is minimal if at all. Gone are the days of hiding away for a week while you skin visibly flakes away.

As part of the treatment we will prep your skin, apply the peel of choice and as an extra treat, you can enjoy a taster session of Dermalux phototherapy which calms and stimulates collagen.

Patients love this treatment and say their skin feels smoother and more vibrant afterwards.

We usually recommend a course of three treatments, but your skin will look and feel healthier even after just one treatment.

Skin peels treat and rejuvenate the whole of the skin.  They are a perfect way to:

Reduce fine lines and pigmentation marks

Improve the overall tone and texture of the skin

Create a radiant, glowing complexion, by removing dead skin cells


Frequently asked questions

What happens during the treatment?
You will first undergo a skin analysis to assess your suitability for this treatment.  Together we will then decide on the type and strength of peel that will be best for your skin.

The peel will be applied to your skin and given time to activate.  Then we will nourish your skin afterwards with Intensive Vitamin Infusions and a high SPF moisturiser.

The treatment typically takes around 30 minutes.

What results should I expect?
After the treatment your skin will appear clearer and more radiant.  
You can return to your daily routine immediately and should not experience any side effects.

We normally recommend that you book a course of skin peel treatments in order to retain the benefits and keep a youthful, healthy glow.

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We know that many new clients decide to have treatments due to direct recommendation of a friend who is an existing client. At Harrogate Aesthetics we value our patients, so we have decided to give you something back to show our appreciation.

Fancy a discount on your next treatment?

It’s simple. When you refer a friend to us and they have a treatment you will get 10% off your next treatment with us!

Multi buy discounts are available on many other treatments. Please ask for details.

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